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Excavation Equipment

Bobcat Excavator

Bobcat Excavator

The Cat® 301.7D gives you a blend of power, control and stability to make the working day easier and more productive.

Operating weight 1728kg

Multiple types of attachments including, rock saw, rock hammer, augers, buckets.



This is our truck that we use to transport our equipment. We also use this to transport smaller amounts of excavated material. On larger jobs we hire in tipper trucks to take away excavated material.


Rock saw

Our hydraulic diamond rock saw is great for excavating pools, trenches, footings, kerbs and roads. Cuts any type of rock, reinforced concrete or asphalt.

It has a diamond tipped blade for cutting sandstone, reinforced concrete, granite, limestone, hard limestone and others.

Technical Information’

  • Weight 115kg
  • Blade diameter 1020mm
  • Thickness of cut 11mm
  • Max cutting depth 450mm


Rock Hammer

Rock breaker hammer

This is our rock breaker hammer. It makes short work of rock.